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"Inspiring confidence from within..."




Regular dental checkups are essential for maintaining optimal dental health. Our primary goal is to monitor your mouth for early signs of decay, periodontal disease, oral lesions, so that they can be treated early.

With our comprehensive set of services offered, we aspire to our motto of "Inspiring confidence from within..."

Routine Exams

We provide comprehensive exams to check every tooth surface for signs of decay and excess wear. We also examine your gums for swelling and redness, and look for periodontal pockets that indicate gum disease.

Dental Hygiene

Dental Fillings

Through our diagnostic procedures, we will determine if you have a cavity. To treat this, we remove the decayed portion of the tooth and "fill" the area on the tooth with the appropriate dental filling material to alleviate your oral discomfort. 

Proper hygiene of the teeth and gums is the best line of defense against tooth decay and gum disease. Good oral hygiene involves receiving regular cleanings in addition to self brushing and flossing at home.

We offer partial and complete denture delivery services. We are also able to provide interim partial dentures in emergency situations to replace one or more missing teeth.


Crowns & Bridges

The dentist will determine the need for crowns and / or bridges to replace any missing or badly damaged teeth. Our goal is to restore your beautiful smile!

Emergency Dentistry

We provide palliative treatment for patients who have emergency cases, and follow up treatment as needed.

The dentist will perform root canal treatment for advanced tooth decay as a first option, before tooth extractions are performed as a last resort. Similarly, extractions may be required in advanced periodontal disease cases.

Root Canal Therapy & Extractions